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Servo 150 Series Power Feed


Get a smoother surface finish and higher repeatability with our Power Feeds. They increase productivity and accuracy while reducing tool wear. Available for table, cross or knee feeds.

Type 150 Power Feed

Semi-automated (full-wave SCR control compound DC motor): to 150 in-lb/17 N-m.
Peak Torque (half-wave series motor): to 140 in-lb/15.8 N-m.
Intermittent Torque: 120 in-lb/13.6 N-m.
Continuous Torque: 100 in-lb/11.3 N-m.
Variable Feed Rate: 50-35 ipm/13-889 mm/min.
Rapid Traverse: 35 ipm/889 mm/min.
Gear Reduction Ratio 72:1.
Helical gearing and torque limiting friction safety clutch.
Smooth surface finish at speeds as low as .5 ipm or 13 mm/min. at full torque.
Electrical: 110V, 50/60 Hz, 3A.
Approx. weight: 15 lb./6.8 kg.
Superior speed regulation: ramping, dynamic breaking, friction safety clutch and limiting circuit protection. .
Servo 150 Series Power Feed